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Popular W baby names for boys or girls:

Willie   Wang   Wild   Who
Winter   Waverly   Winslow   Wood
Wren   Wen   Wrath   Wulf
Wan   Wai   Winsome   Wani
Wei   Wu   Whitepaw   Wilmot
White   Win   Wee   Whiskey
West   Warden   War   Wonder
Wil   Wissam   Wolfpaw   Wolfkit
Wynn   Wind   Wolfie   Wesam
Whisper   Wendelin   Windsor   Woo
Wallis   Water   Wa   Won
Winfred   Wisdom   Weng   Worth
Wing   Wyn   Whitekit   Walayat
Wynne   Wahyu   Wati   Winn
Wong   Wille   Wave   Waris
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