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Popular biblical baby names for boys or girls:

The Biblical tag is based on Hitchcock's Bible Names
Jordan   Shiloh   Jupiter   Heli
Ariel   Abi   Hadar   Aven
Micah   Salem   Azariah   Azriel
Eden   Hanan   Sin   Unni
Ira   Memphis   Areli   Pau
Michal   Harsha   Eri   Dor
Elisha   Adriel   Sivan   Er
Zion   Ara   Ain   Messiah
Asa   Micha   Noha   Ophir
Genesis   Hai   Rome   Neri
Aman   Rei   Omega   Seba
Amal   Ai   Hali   Amariah
Zia   Zohar   Koa   Shen
No   Sheba   Iram   Havilah
Ami   Jael   Aquila   Addi
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