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Popular Mary* baby names for girls:

The Mary* tag is based on Variants of the name Mary
Mary   Minnie   Maja   Marnie
Maria   Marian   Maura   Maren
Marie   Marianne   Mimi   Annmarie
Molly   Trinity   Marla   Manon
Mia   Mariana   Moira   Marietta
Marilyn   Mara   Marisol   Mariel
Maureen   Mariam   Marianna   Marybeth
Marion   Mae   Rosemarie   Mariela
Marissa   Maryam   Malia   Maree
Marina   Marisa   Maribel   Marika
Miriam   Marija   Anne-Marie   Mariya
Rosemary   Mollie   Mamie   Mirjana
May   Maia   Maryanne   Ann-Marie
Mariah   Mari   Marita   My
Marlene   Maryann   Maritza   Marlena
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