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Popular Hebrew baby names for girls:

Sarah   Ari   Ona   Zakiah
Jessica   Ira   Ayala   Shahaf
Rachel   Mira   Aviv   Zibiah
Hannah   Eliana   Alona   Mariamne
Rebecca   Ayla   Aila   Chanah
Danielle   Rina   Hulda   Maimon
Abigail   Aya   Liron   Hanani
Deborah   Beulah   Azriel   Eimi
Judith   Chana   Vered   Eshel
Esther   Shoshana   Zamir   Zivah
Ariel   Yuval   Neri
Edna   Lior   Merav
Miriam   Shai   Jara
Leila   Alya   אלכס
Aria   Leora   Channah

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