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Popular C baby names for girls:

Catherine   Clara   Cassie   Cheyenne
Charlotte   Carolyn   Cora   Camilla
Christine   Casey   Cristina   Carole
Chloe   Carmen   Carolina   Callie
Charlie   Claudia   Clare   Candace
Carol   Carrie   Caitlyn   Clarissa
Christina   Cathy   Camille   Camila
Caroline   Caitlin   Christy   Christie
Claire   Cassandra   Cassidy   Chandler
Courtney   Connie   Charlene   Celine
Cindy   Carla   Ciara   Christa
Cheryl   Colleen   Celia   Catalina
Cynthia   Cecilia   Celeste   Corinne
Chelsea   Carly   Candice   Charity
Crystal   Cara   Constance   Carina
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