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Popular Australia Top 50 baby names for girls:

The AustraliaTop50 tag is based on Baby Names Australia 2013
Sarah   Isabella   Jayden   Matilda
Elizabeth   Sophia   Chelsea   Isla
Emily   Madison   Sofia   Harper
Jessica   Ella   Isabel   Scarlett
Emma   Alexis   Georgia   Annabelle
Hannah   Abigail   Isabelle   Zara
Olivia   Mia   Savannah   Willow
Grace   Amelia   Mackenzie   Evie
Charlotte   Riley   Bella   Sienna
Alice   Ava   Stella   Maddison
Lucy   Eva   Lilly   Mila
Chloe   Holly   Hayley   Imogen
Charlie   Ruby   Ivy   Milla
Sophie   Jasmine   Layla
Lily   Zoe   Summer

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