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Popular Poland Top 50 baby names for boys:

The PolandTop50 tag is based on Popular Names Poland 2013
Adam   Oskar   Kacper
Alan   Jakub   Patryk
Gabriel   Piotr   Franciszek
Adrian   Aleksander   Krystian
Sebastian   Karol   Wiktor
Julian   Kamil   Bartosz
Jan   Tomasz   Pola
Leon   Marcin   Ignacy
Fabián   Krzysztof   Maksymilian
Marcel   Mateusz   Tymon
Nikola   Antoni   Nikodem
Hubert   Wojciech   Oliwier
Igor   Maciej   Tymoteusz
Filip   Dawid   Ksawery
Dominik   Szymon

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