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Popular Peter* baby names for boys:

Peter   Pero   Pelle   Перо
Pedro   Petros   Петр   Petera
Pete   Petter   Pera   Pejo
Pierre   Petro   Петар   بيتر
Pieter   Petri   Peer   Pedr
Pietro   Peteris   Petya   بطرس
Piotr   Pyotr   Pär
Petar   Pita   Palle
Petrus   Petre   Boutros
Per   Pier   Petteri
Petr   Peadar   פיטר
Piet   Петър   Pjeter
Piero   Petru   Pietari
Peder   Πέτρος   Pehr
Pekka   Pétur   Piaras

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