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Popular Harry Potter Books baby names for boys:

The Harry Potter tag is based on List of Harry Potter characters
Michael   Lee   Cornelius   Bartemius
James   Fred   Horace   Antonin
George   Vincent   Augustus   Godric
Peter   Dean   Remus   Cho
Justin   Ron   Lucius   Fenrir
Frank   Reginald   Igor   Alastor
Harry   Percy   Viktor   Cuthbert
Tom   Vernon   Dirk   Ludo
Charlie   Cedric   Sirius   Argus
Arthur   Albus   Dudley   Salazar
Oliver   Neville   Rufus   Barty
Dennis   Seamus   Regulus   Amycus
Bill   Amos   Errol   Marvolo
Gregory   Stan   Kingsley   Aberforth
Colin   Draco   Severus   Rubeus
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